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Self-Tapes & Private Coaching

Self Tape Services

We provide professional-grade equipment and a studio setting for actors to record high-quality self-tapes for auditions. Our team can also offer coaching and supportive feedback to help actors perfect their performances. 


Private Coaching - Acting

One on one coaching for working and novice actors. We offer Private Coaching for both live auditions and self-taped auditions. We help you explore character development while making informed, bold choices through script analysis.  We never let you leave without doing your absolute best. Our goal is to get you BOOKED! We also provide coaching for those you would prefer to sharpen their skills in a one on one environment. 


We always want casting to think they are watching a slice of life from the character's point of view, not an audition tape. 


Private Coaching - Modelling

We provide one on one coaching sessions for those who would like to fully prepare for their go sees, photoshoots and runway shows with special attention to developing your own signature on the runway and in front of the camera. We also provide private coaching for those who would prefer to learn and sharpen their skills in a one on one environment.

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