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The Working Actor On-Camera class 

Class limit: 10

This class is designed for working actors to continue to grow their skills in a supportive environment.  If you are a working actor who wants to take your craft to the next level, advanced acting classes can be a great way to do it. Here are some potential benefits of taking advanced acting classes:

· You will deepen your understanding of acting techniques and principles, which can help you create more nuanced and complex performances.

· You will have the opportunity to work with other experienced actors, which can help you build your network and learn from others; experiences.

· You will receive feedback from experienced instructors, which can help you identify areas for improvement and refine your skills.

· You will have the opportunity to work on more challenging material, which can help you stretch your abilities and showcase your range as an actor.

Overall, advanced acting classes can be a valuable investment in your career as a working actor. Whether you are looking to improve your skills, build your network, or take on more challenging roles, there is a lot to be gained from continuing to develop your craft.

The course will cover:
· Unlock your imagination
· Connect moment-to-moment for truth and believability
· Commit emotionally - become the character
· Script analysis and subtext
· Mock audition class
· Work on TV, Film and Cold reads

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