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The Budding Actor On-Camera Class

Class limit: 10 students 

This class is designed for budding actors who have some experience or have taken the development program and Beginners On-Camera class to continue to grow their skills in a supportive environment. Budding actors will get an on-camera work out! Competition is tough, so your audition skills must be sharp and ready to go for last minute castings.


On-Camera Acting is a course designed to expose the working actor to all aspects of on-camera acting, overcome fears and enjoy the process of performing. Learn key components of building a solid foundation in character development and have fun applying your skills. Cold reading is a skill every actor should have, and we will do a lot of it in this class.

This course incorporates Improv, which engages your imagination and improves concentration. This step by step guidance gives you insight to create strong, believable characters.  Classes modified to each age group. 

The course will cover: 

·    Unlock your imagination 

·    Connect moment-to-moment for truth and believability 

·    Commit emotionally - become the character 

·    Learn script analysis and subtext 

·    Build your confidence 

·    Work on TV, Film and cold reads 

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