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Talent Development Program

Class Limit: 10

Our development program is all encompassing and is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience in a supportive environment by professionals to those new to the industry. You will gain the necessary skills to enter the industry. Even if you are taking the class for fun, you will still learn valuable skills and make new connections. Our program offers training in different acting styles such as monologues, commercials, improv and scripts. This program includes modeling
classes and audition training to give you a well-rounded introduction to various
talent areas.


Our goal is to prepare you for success in the industry. We focus on teaching our students about industry standards, the language of acting and modelling, including important skills like slates, audition and go-see styling, as well as pre-and post-audition skills and tips. In addition to these technical skills, having
strong intrapersonal and interpersonal skills is crucial for success in this industry.
We have two classes specifically dedicated to this where you will not only grow and succeed as an actor/model but as an individual as well. This class touches on things such as speech, commanding a presence, owning your space, self-talk, confidence building exercises, articulation, projection, interview style questions, decorum, being present and unforgettable. We are the only company who offers this class.


Our last class will conclude with a “parents in the industry” class for parents to better understand their role in supporting their child in the industry. This will provide information on what to expect, things to look out for, and how to best support your child.


At the end of this program, we will have a mini showcase for friends and family
to showcase your new skills. We will also have a meeting to evaluate and discuss
your progress and direct and guide you towards a plan, determining your next steps for optimal success.

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